The (Not So) Daily Tweet Update…

For starters. Javi (♥), has been kind enough to post a picture of himself and Iker Muniain (his teammate from Athletic) on their way to Almeria.  How cute does Javi (♥) look wearing a tie?!? (I know, I know, your response will probably be:  not as hot as he when he’s in his underwear*)

Para empezar. Javi (♥) e Iker Muniain (su compañero del Athletic) en camino a Almería.  No se ve lindo Javi (♥) con su corbata? (Lo sé, lo sé, me imagino que estan pensando que se ve major en su ropa interior*)

*More on that later! ¡Paciencia, que eso está por venir!

Second. I wanted to take this moment to congratulate proud papa, Andres Iniesta, on the birth of his baby girl Valeria!

Segundo. ¡Felicidades a Andrés Iniesta, en el nacimiento de su niña Valeria!

"Our little girl, Valeria, was born, and she and her mom are doing very well! It has been wonderful!!"

Third. Cesc was involved in a minor car accident but I am happy to report he is doing just fine… So fine in fact, that Piqué could not pass up an opportunity to tease him about it!

Tercero. Cesc estuvo en un pequeño accidente automovilístico, pero estoy feliz de reportar que esta perfectamente bien… ¡Asi de bien esta, que Piqué no dejo pasar la oportunidad de fastidiar  a su panita un poquito!

"Hi everyone, you've probably heard about my car accident. No need to worry. These things happen!"

"It seems that after 30 years in the UK, Cesc still doesn't know how to drive on the left! Moc moc!"

Fourth. Javi (♥), who I am happy to see is getting hooked on twitter, has some good news for us ladies (although, I’m happier about Javi (♥) tweeting it up lately!):  Fernando Llorente will be unveiling a webpage, twitter, and facebook this Thursday, April 7!

Cuarto. Parece que Javi (♥) se ha enganchado en esto de twitter y nos viene con buenas noticias (¡Aunque para mi la major noticia es que Javi (♥) esta twiteando!).


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