Fernando Llorente for Save the Children

For the past few months, Fernando Llorente has been collaborating with the Todos Contamos campaign for Save the Children, which focuses on reducing infant mortality among children under five years old.  During the launch of his official website, Llorente announced his commitment to helping children around the world by becoming an ambassador for Save the Children.  Visit the Todos Contamos website to find out how you can help!

Check out Fernando’s Todos Contamos video (and the translation) after the jump!

Fernando Llorente ha estado colaborado con la campaña Todos Contamos de Save the Children, con el objetivo de reducir la tasa de mortalidad infantil de los niños y niñas menores de cinco años. Llorente ha querido ir más allá en su implicación con la situación de los niños y las niñas en el mundo y ayer aunció en Bilbao, durante la presentación de su página web, que se convertirá en embajador de Save the Children.  Visiten la página web de la campaña Todos Contamos para que puedan unirse a la causa!

El vídeo de Todos Contamos con Fernando está mas adelante!

“When I was five years old, my father took me to the San Mamés stadium for the first time and ever since then, I knew that I wanted to play there.  But there are a lot of children that will not be able to achieve their dreams.  Every year, five million children die from treatable or preventable diseases.  Join Save the Children!  We can all help to save lives!”


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