La Sexta: Xabi Alonso and Andrés Iniesta

La Sexta has given us a glimpse into the lives of two classy Spanish midfielders, Xabi Alonso and Andrés Iniesta, in their latest interview.

La Sexta ha sometido a Xabi Alonso y Andrés Iniesta a su test para conocer los detalles de la vida de dos de los centrocampistas españoles con más clase dentro del fútbol mundial.

Define yourself.

Andrés Iniesta:  Hardworking.

Xabi Alonso:  Calm.

An addiction.

AI:  My family, my girlfriend, my people.

XA:  I bite my nails…

A strength and a weakness.

AI:  I have a hard head.

And a weakness?

AI:  The same.  (laughs)

A song.

AI:  Any song by Estopa.

XA:  Estadio Azteca (by Andres Calamaro)

Favorite food.

AI:  Chicken with potatoes.

XA:  Uf… I have to many, I can’t just pick one…

A place to lose yourself.

AI:  Well, it’s getting harder… (laughs)… I don’t want to tell you, because then it wouldn’t be a secret!

XA:  Well, I would like to go to Australia… I’ve never been and would like to go…

Your best goal.

AI:  Personally, I have two… The day against Chelsea and the day with the national team in the World Cup.

XA:  ¡Hombre!  The one I remember with the most affection is the one in the Champions final… it’s the most spectacular and the one I remember with the most affection.

Your best friend.

AI: Victor (aww!)

XA:  Iker, Arbiol, Arbeloa and Sergio… They’re the ones I know the longest…


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