As if I needed an excuse…

A special thanks to the Athletic Club-Official Site for this pic!

Javi (♥) and the rest of his Athletic Club teammates arrived in Barcelona earlier today ahead of tomorrow’s game against Espanyol… and, from the looks of it, Javi (♥) was a bit bored at the hotel since he decided to upload a twitcam (with Iker Muniain and David López, two of his Athletic teammates) with the hopes of making his followers smile*…

Javi (♥) y el resto de sus compañeros del Athletic llegaron a Barcelona en preparación para el partido que se disputará mañana contra el Espanyol… y, por lo visto, Javi (♥) estuvo un poquito aburrido en el hotel ya que decidió hacer un twitcam (con Iker Muniain y David López, dos de sus compañeros del Athletic) para darnos una sonrisita**…

Javi (♥) starts off the twitcam by introducing his teammates:  “Hi, we are David López, Iker Muniain and Javi (♥) Martínez…”

Muniain jumps in and says:  “My name is Llorente,” which causes Javi (♥) to giggle (adorable!).

Javi (♥) then says: “And we’re in the Juan Carlos I Hotel where we are preparing for the game tomorrow…” (while he’s talking, López and Muniain start making faces and sticking out their tongues at Javi (♥), which causes him to start giggling again!).

 “We were a bit bored here and decided to upload a quick twitcam to all of our followers and hope we’ll get many more!”

And Muniain then says (jokingly):  “I want to remind everyone that out of all of us, I’m the one with the most followers…”

*And, let me tell you, it worked!

**Y, dejame decirte que funcionó!


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