Look at that smile!

Javi (♥) extended his contract with Athletic Club de Bilbao this past Wednesday.  His new contract is set to expire June 2016 and includes a buyout clause of 40 million euros!

Javi (♥) ha prolongado en dos años su contrato con el Athletic de Bilbao.  Ha firmado hasta junio del 2016 y su cláusula de rescisión será de 40 millones de euros

Earlier that day, Javi (♥) posted a very sneaky tweet, where he laid the groundwork for the upcoming announcement:  “This afternoon, I will announce a very pleasant surprise for me… And hopefully for you as well”

Ese mismo día, Javi (♥) envió un mensaje a través de Twitter lo cual significaba que el anuncio ya venía:

His followers immediately began to ask him about the announcement, which prompted him to post a playful tweet:  “Joer*, you guys are impatient… Haha, the surprise is that I’ll be giving away a new jersey, heehee”

Cuando sus seguidores en Twitter le empezaron a preguntar sobre el anuncio Javi (♥) respondió*:

"Happy happy happy"

He finally gave in after the official announcement:  “I don’t think it’s a secret anymore… haha.  I’ve renewed my contract!!! Happy happy happy”

Y finalmente:

Source: Athletic Club-Official Site

Source: Athletic Club-Official Site

Such focus…


Um… Can you say: muscles?

Uy… ¡Esos musculos, pol diox!


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