The (Not So) Daily Tweet Update…

For starters.  As many of you have heard, the town of Lorca suffered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, May 11th.  A lot of our La Roja boys showed their support and encouragement to everyone in Lorca*, including Andrés Iniesta, Sergio Ramos, Juan Mata, and Javi (♥) Martínez…

Para empezar.  La ciudad de Lorca sufrió un terremoto, de magnitud 5,1, el miércoles 11 de mayo.  Muchos de los muchachos de La Roja han dado su apoyo a la gente de Lorca*:

“I have just heard what happened in Lorca this afternoon.  All of my love and encouragement to all.  A big hug”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to send all of my support and a big hug to all the people of Lorca and especially to the family of the victims.”

“Another very sad event, which has hit us closer to home… these have been all too common lately… my support to Lorca”

“Horrible about the earthquake in Lorca!  My encouragement to all of those affected…”

Second. Javi (♥) showed off his superstitious side when he tweeted:  “Ever since I read ‘The Mayan Calendar,’ I live a bit on edge….”

Segundo.  Javi (♥) y su lado supersticioso:

He had also promised to upload another twitcam, but changed his mind:  “We have thought about it, and because it gave us bad luck last time, we will do a twitcam tomorrow if we win… ;)”

Había prometido hacer otro twitcam, pero su lado supersticioso le hizo cambiar de idea:

Third. Joan Capdevila tweeted a joke to Álvaro Arbeloa:  “A guy hops on a bus and asks: ‘how much is the bus?’ The driver responds:  ‘€1.50.’  So the guy says:  ‘I’ll take it, tell everyone to get off.”

Tercero.  Joan Capdevila le mandó un chiste a Álvaro Arbeloa:

And Arbeloa’s response was:  “Haha! Horrible!”

A lo que Arbeloa respondió:

Fourth.  Cesc thanked his fans for the messages he received regarding his new official website:  “Thank you for the messages about the website!  I’m happy to hear you have all liked it!  You will be discovering more surprises in the days to come!!”

Cuarto.  Cesc ha agradecido a sus fans por los mensajes y felicitaciones que ha recibido sobre su nueva página de web oficial… Y por lo visto, ¡vamos a descubrir más sorpresitas!

Fifth.  Have I mentioned how adorable Javi (♥) is? Want proof? Well, it seems Iker Muniain, his teammate from Athletic, sends a “good morning” tweet every day and on the day he didn’t, Javi (♥) tweeted:  “I think something is missing without the good morning tweet of @Iker Muniain27” Ah-dorable.

Quinto.  ¿Les he mencionado lo adorable que es Javi (♥)? ¿Todavía necesitan prueba de que lo es? Pues parece que todas las mañanas, Iker Muniain (su compañero del Athletic), manda un buenos días por twitter y el día que no lo hizo, Javi (♥) mando este tweet:

To which Muniain responded:  “A bit late, but… good mooooooorning!!! Especially to a not so smart person, @Javi24kikiteam, hahaha”

Y entonces Muniain respondió:

Sixth.  Guess who reached 100,000 followers on Twitter?

Sexto.  ¿Adivinen quien ha llegado a 100.000 seguidores en Twitter?

Seventh.  Javi (♥) tweeted ‘three words that f*ck you up’:

Septimo.  Javi (♥) y las ‘tres palabras que joden’:

Eighth. Carles Puyol introduced us to two of his dogs:  Paca and Rita:

Octavo. Carles Puyol nos presentó a Paca y Rita:

*My thoughts go out to everyone in Lorca / Ánimo a toda la gente de Lorca.


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