Gerard Piqué for Nike Sportswear

Gerard Piqué is the new face for Nike Sportswear’s new lifestyle collection Clay vs Grass… The collection, which has a bit of a vintage-feel to it, will be available starting Friday, May 27…

Check out the video of Piqué wearing the Nike Sportswear Clay vs Grass collection here.  The translation is after the jump!

Gerard Piqué modela en la nueva campaña publicitaria para la colección Nike Sportswear ‘Clay vs Grass’… La colección estará disponible a partir del 27 de mayo…

He traducido el video de la campaña publicitaria de la nueva colección de Nike con Piqué al inglés.  Vean el video aquí.

In the video, Piqué is asked a series of questions related to tennis:

What is your connection with tennis?

Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed following tennis and playing it.  My family is very athletic, we enjoy sports and tennis is one of my favorites.

What are your favorite players in the history of tennis?

Bue, I think that Roger Federer has been outstanding the last few years and so has Rafa.  Both of them.

Have you ever played against Rafa?

One thing is to play and another is to win against him.

Do you love fashion?

I like to dress well and I like to wear nice clothes to public events.

How would you describe the Summer 2011 Nike Sportswear Collection?

I find that the clothes are very elegant and very comfortable.  It has the  the same logo as Nike Inc. in the form of a crown.

It’s got a vintage tennis feel.  Do you like it?  Do you identify with the style?

It reminds me of the style 20 years ago… It’s very nice… and it’s representative of the brand.


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