The (Not So) Daily Tweet Update…

For starters.  I’m not sure I totally understand what this was all about, but it was too darn cute to skip… Iker Muniain, Javi’s (♥) Athletic teammate (and from the looks of it, his BFF) tweeted:  “In class with @Javi24kikiteam”

Para empezar. Esto es demasiado adorable para no incluirlo, aunque no entienda exactamente lo que esté pasando aquí… Iker Muniain, compañero del Athletic de Javi (♥), escribió:

When Javi (♥) was called up to the board, Iker* tweeted:  “What a bitch to be called up to the board hahahahaha”

Cuando llamaron a Javi (♥) a la pizarra, Iker* twiteo:

Javi (♥) looks good**

Javi (♥) se ve super bien**

*I am loving Iker’s tweets… especially when they involve Javi (♥) / Me encantan los tweets de Iker… especialmente cuando tienen que ver con Javi (♥)

**From the back… I mean, by the board… / Desde atrás… digo, desde la pizarra…

Second.  Andrés Iniesta was given the first cases of his wine, Corazón Loco and Finca El Carril from his vineyard in Fuentealbilla… He was so excited, he tweeted: “Today, I was given the first cases of my wine, including ‘Corazón Loco’ and ‘Finca El Carril’.  I have given each of my teammates a case this morning!  I hope everything goes well and I hope to share some with you!”

Segundo.  Le han traído las primeras cajas de vino a Andrés Iniesta de su viñedo en Fuentealbilla:

Third.  Guess who reached 90,000 Facebook friends?

Tercero.  ¿Adivinen quien ha llegado a 90.000 amigos en Facebook?

Fourth. Juan Mata (looking adorable, as always) met with his fans from Peña: “With my fans in Peña… They have been with me since I arrived in Valencia… Thank you!!” 

Cuarto. Juan Mata con la gente de Peña (¡Adorable!):

Fifth. Cesc had a bit of a riddle for us:

Quinto. Cesc nos mandó una adivinanza via Twitter:  “Cuál es el libro más distribuido a nivel mundial?”

I didn’t guess right, by the way:

No lo pude adivinar… “Yo también dije la biblia o las páginas amarillas… La respuesta es el catalogo de Ikea! No me lo imaginaba.”

Sixth. Looks like Álvaro Arbeloa is a big Entourage fan… “Hi friends! What are your plans for the weekend?  I’m going to watch the fifth season of ‘Entourage’ @jeremypiven is hilarious!!”

Sexto. Por lo visto, Álvaro Arbeloa le encanta ‘El Séquito’ (‘Entourage’)…

Seventh. And now, on to the trending topic that took on a life of its own, known as #puyinoticia (or puyi news)… It all started when Carles Puyol reached 1,000,000 followers on Twitter:  “@Carles5puyol has reached 1,000,000 followers!! Congratulate him!! He has very exciting news for you!! Ooooohh!! Moc moc!!”

Séptimo. Ahora al TT (trending topic) que ha revolucionado el mundo del Twitter, conocido como #puyinoticia… Todo empezó cuando Carles Puyol llegó a 1.000.000 seguidores en Twitter:

When Puyi didn’t respond, Piqué decided to up the ante by tweeting: “I don’t understand how @Carles5puyol is not sharing his great news!! It will make you all happy!! Oooooohh!! Moc moc!”

Cuando Puyi no respondió, Piqué decidió echarle más leña al fuego:

Puyi immediately responded: “The news is that I’ll be a groomsman at a wedding… Ooohhhh moc moc @3gerardpique”

A lo que Puyi respondió:

Piqué then tweeted: “Will I be a groomsman at a wedding??? Ooooohh!!! @Carles5puyol I’m so excited!! You’ll both be so happy!!”

Piqué respondió:

Piqué even involved Puyi’s girlfriend, Malena Costa, when he tweeted: “Yessss!! @Malenacosta7 we want to hear the #puyinoticia!! We want details!! Let us in your little circle of trust! Hahahahaha!! Ooohh! Moc moc!”… With Piqué spilling the beans to the world, I’m not sure if he’s going to be in the ‘little circle of trust’!

Hasta la novia de Puyi, Malena Costa, estuvo metida en la #puyinoticia… Aunque, no se si Piqué estará en el ‘círculo de confianza’…

Piqué couldn’t seem to drop the subject and tweeted: “Today is a happy day for the culé family and the Puyol-Costa family!! But they will be the ones to share the news!!”

Piqué siguió el jueguito:

Puyi denied the whole thing when he tweeted: “You know, @3gerardpique you can either be surprised or disappointed, there’s no #puyinoticia

Puyi  ha salido al paso para desmentir la situación: 

Piqué then backtracked and tweeted: “They’ve told me that the ‘tip’ I received may not be true… That’s how the world of gossip is!!! Moc moc!!”

A lo que Piqué respondió:

Puyi then laughed it off and tweeted: “Hahahahaha, the mole doesn’t have good contacts… Oooohh moc moc @3gerard pique, you could announce something couldn’t you??”

It all ended with Piqué’s tweet: “Hahahah!! The #puyinoticia is not ruled out!! I just said the contact is not super reliable! There is some truth to it!”

Todo terminó con un tweet de Piqué:

Do you think Piqué is just teasing Puyi or do you think there is some truth to the #puyinoticia?

¿Creen que Piqué esta bromeando con Puyi o creen que la #puyinoticia esta por venir?


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