Oh, how I’ve missed ’em*…

*I got so distracted with our boys’ struttin’ their stuff as they arrived in Las Rozas yesterday, that I forgot to include a few snippets from Fernando Llorente, Joan Capdevilla, Manu del Moral, and Álvaro Negredo… / Me he distraído tanto con la llegada de nuestros muchachos a Las Rozas ayer, que me olvidé incluir algunas de las declaraciones de Fernando Llorente, Joan Capdevilla, Manu del Moral, y Álvaro Negredo …

The 23 players called up to the national team by Vicente del Bosque arrived in Las Rozas on Tuesday ahead of the two upcoming friendlies against the United States and Venezuela.  Playing for the national team creates such a sense of pride among the players, that they don’t mind pushing their vacation plans back a few weeks.

 Joan Capdevilla: It is an honor to wear this shirt at any date on the calendar, and we are going in with a lot of hope.  It’s true that many people are starting their vacation, but coming to see these games is a priviledge as well.

 Fernando Llorente: For me, the national team is the greatest thing there is.  These two games will be great, this trip will be fantastic, and I’m here with a desire to do well.

All eyes were on the newcomers, Álvaro Negredo and Manu del Moral.

Manu del Moral: I was vacationing with my girlfriend when I got a call from a journalist. He said that Del Bosque had said my name and I am very happy, it’s a dream come true.

Álvaro Negredo:Yes, I’m very happy.  The truth is that this is a dream come true.


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