Andrés Iniesta for MarcaTV

MarcaTV has given us a glimpse into one of the most beloved players of the Spanish national team, el crack of Fuentealbilla, Andrés Iniesta, in their latest interview.  Check out the video here…

Andrés Iniesta es uno de los jugadores más queridos de la selección española. El crack de Fuentealbilla se ha sometido al test de MarcaTV… Vean el vídeo aquí…

Wine or beer?

Wine… Preferably my own, if possible (laughs).

Did you vote in the last elections?


Beef or fish?


A habit?

Making the sign of the cross three times before the start of a match.

A vice?


A weakness?

I am hard-headed… I’m a Taurus.

A strength?

Always trying to be just and fair… Trying to be as I am…

An idol?

Michael Jordan.

Your happiest day.

The day my daughter was born.

Do you believe in God?


Are you happy?

Very happy.



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