In Bah-ston…

For starters. It was Fernando Torres’ and Xabi Alonso’s turn to speak to the  press* yesterday afternoon at the Westin Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island…

Para empezar. Fernando Torres y Xabi Alonso comparecieron en rueda de prensa ante los medios en el Hotel Westin Providence de Rhode Island…

Second. Followed by the team’s first training session near the Gillette Stadium, where they did a little bit of stretching (check out those leg muscles!)…

Segundo. Seguido por el primer entrenamiento de la selección en un campo de entrenamiento cerca del Gillette Stadium, donde se estiraron un poquito (¡que musculos, pol diox!)…

They then did a little bit of running…

Corrieron un poquito…

They also did some rondos

También hicieron unos rondos…

And, of course, a few ball exercises… although, I’m not entirely sure what’s Valdés is doing here…

Y, por supuesto, trabajaron con el balón… aunque, no se exactamente lo que esta haciendo Valdés…

Third. Our boys showed their appreciation to their U.S. fans (both old and young) by signing a few autographs outside of Gillette Stadium… How adorable is Sergio Ramos ruffling that (very lucky!) kid’s head? And Álvaro crouching down to sign a cute little fan’s shirt? Seriously ah-dorable.

Tercero. Algunos fans tuvieron la buena suerte de conocer a nuestros muchachos afuera del Gillette Stadium… Me encantó ver a Sergio Ramos y Álvaro Negredo con sus fans mas pequeñitos… ¡Es que me los quiero comer! 


*Here are a few highlights from the press conference:

Fernando, did you ever think you might not be called up to the national team?

Fernando Torres: I’ve been coming to the national team for many years and that wasn’t something that went through my mind.

How will you prepare for the two upcoming friendlies?

Xabi Alonso: We are talking these friendlies very seriously and with professionalism.  The club season is over, but there are very important games that we want to do well in, and in order to achieve this, we need to make a good start in Saturday’s game against the United States… Plus, we already know each other so well.

FT: We need to take on these games as if they were in any other month during the season; we need to think of these friendlies as official matches.

The United States was a surprise in the Confederations Cup…

XA: There is no margin for error during these types of competitions.  We didn’t have a good game at the Confederations Cup, but it was a good lesson for everyone.

Are you worried about the game against the U.S.?

XA: The expectations are high after the last game; they are obviously hoping for a good result, but hopefully that will not be the case.

The game is sold out.  There will be a lot of fans that are eager to see La Roja.  Is this a motivation for you?

XA: It’s great news that football has had this much pulling power and that people want to see their national team, as well as ours.  It’s great to see that football is becoming more popular here.


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