The (Not So) Daily Tweet Update*…

*The Bah-ston Edition… // Dedicada exclusivamente a los primeros días en Boston…

For starters. A little sightseeing before training… Joan Capdevila tweeted this picture while on a morning sightseeing stroll around Providence with Álvaro Negredo, Santi Cazorla, and Bruno Soriano…

Para empezar. Un paseito antes del entrenamiento… Joan Capdevila se tomó una foto con Álvaro Negredo, Santi Cazorla, y Bruno Soriano mientras tomaban un paseo por Providence ayer por la mañana…

Joan then tweeted a picture with “el capitan”… Have I mentioned that I am loving Capdevilla’s tweet updates?

Joan también se tomó una fotito con el capitan, Iker Casillas… Sigue subiendo fotos a Twitter, Capdevila… Anda, por fa, que me encantan!

Second. David Villa updated his Facebook status with a picture with his best bud in the national team, Pepe Reina: 

Segundo. David Villa en una fotito con su mejor amigo en la selección, Pepe Reina:

Third. Sergio Ramos, giving a shout-out to his Real Madrid fans by wearing a cap with “SR 4” on it (Sergio’s jersey number in Real Madrid is #4)…

Tercero. Sergio Ramos, les mandó un saludo a los madridistas con su cachucha “SR 4” (el número de la camiseta de Sergio en el Real Madrid es el #4)…

Fourth. I’m happy to see that the long-standing team tradition of playing pocha is alive and well! Fernando Llorente uploaded a picture with Villa, Casillas, Iraola, and Pepe while playing pocha before their training session…

Cuarto. Me encanta que esta tradición continua… Fernando Llorente en una foto con Villa, Casillas, Iraola y Pepe jugando pocha antes del entrenamiento…

Fifth. Looks like someone’s hooked on Facebook… Iker updated his Facebook status by posting a picture of Raúl Albiol and Álvaro Arbeloa:  “I spend hours with these two characters and I never get tired of them.  Good thing they’re good people… They told me to send a hug to all of you, especially to Villamarchante (Valencia) and Zaragoza.”

Quinto. Parece que alguien esta enganchado con Facebook… Iker  tomó una foto de Raúl Albiol y Álvaro Arbeloa:

On the way to the training session, Iker took a picture of Fernando Llorente (who was sitting in front of him): “Fernando Llorente sends you all a hug.  As Pepe Reina would say: ‘El camión de la Roja’:

En camino al entrenamiento, Iker tomó una foto del camión de la Roja, Fernando Llorente (sentado justo enfrente de él):

Iker was also celebrating the 11 year anniversary of his debut with the Spanish national team: “11 years ago, I was lucky enough to debut with the national team.  It’s not easy to maintain a spot with the national team for this long, but luckily, I have. I’m very proud. It’s hard to believe that so many years and so many games have gone by. As of today, I have played 119 games and this was the first.  I want to thank Camacho for giving me the opportunity to debut with the team, and also Sáez, Aragonés, and Del Bosque for allowing me to continue to play.”

Iker también estaba celebrando el aniversario de 11 años de su debut conla selección española:

Yesterday evening, Iker uploaded a picture with Santi Cazorla, whom he calls ‘Cazorlita’! So. Cute.

Anoche, Iker se tomó una fotito con Santi Cazorla, a quien el llama ‘Cazorlita’! ¡Qué adorable, pol diox!

Oh, and of course, we can’t forget the joke Capdevila had promised us… And, as Iker has said: “A promise is a promise, and Joan keeps his word.” Filmed and posted by Casillas himself! This was ah-dorable!

Ah, y no nos podemos olvidar del chiste que nos debía Capdevila… Y como ha dicho Casillas: “Lo prometido es deuda y Joan cumple lo que dice.” Filmado por el único: Casillas! ¡Adorable!

Joan Capdevila: Ready? A drunk guy arrives home at seven in the morning (Joan cracks up after Iker starts laughing in the background) and a neighbor asks him: ‘Where did you come from, Paco? Where did you come from?’ ‘Well, Paco comes from Francisco**, mujer!’ (Both Joan and Iker burst out laughing).


**Paco is the nickname given to those named Francisco.


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