Denmark-bound with a dash of Javi (♥)

I’m looking forward to the European Championship with the same enthusiasm as I did the World Cup. – Javi (♥) Martínez

“Afronto el Europeo con la misma ilusión que el Mundial” – Javi (♥) Martínez

For starters. I love seeing Javi (♥) as captain of the Spanish U-21 national team, because it means we get to see a lot more of him (and his morritos)*… 

Para empezar. Me encanta ver a Javi (♥) como capitán de la selección española sub-21, porque vamos a ver mucho más de él (y sus morritos)… Javi (♥) tuvo una entrevista con la Real Federación Española del Fútbol, donde habló sobre el Europeo.

Second. Yesterday, La Rojita completed their final training session in Las Rozas before flying to Denmark for the European Championship, where they hope to get one of the three spots that are at stake to play at the 2012 London Olympics… The training consisted of a game of futvolley and practicing set pieces… followed by… hugs and…?

Segundo. La selección sub-21 completó ayer por la tarde el último entrenamiento en La Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas antes de dirigirse a Dinamarca, donde los internacionales españoles intentarán hacerse con el Europeo de la categoría y conseguir así una de los tres billetes que están en juego para disputar los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012… El entrenamiento incluyó un partido de futvolley y ensayaron jugadas ofensivas a balón parado… seguido por… ­¿abrazos y…?

Third. It wasn’t all work and no play(station) for the boys of La Rojita… They also kept busy by playing video games… Javi (♥) (and his muscular legs) watched the a game between Iker Muniain and César Azpilicueta and tweeted: “FIFA game in room 206 before our training session. The navarran derby… hahaha”

Tercero. No era puro entrenamiento para los de La Rojita… También estuvieron ocupados jugando al play… Javi (♥) (y sus piernas musculosas) vió un juego entre Iker Muniain y César Azpilicueta:

And then he teased Muniain: “An afternoon to forget about @IkerMuniain27 at play. I had never seen anything like it before… All the hotel furniture is destroyed! Hahaha”

Y aprovechó para joder a Muniain un poquito:

Fourth. Álvaro Dominguez tweeted a couple of ah-dorable pictures with Ander Herrera and Javi (♥)… Seriously, look at that smile!

Cuarto. Álvaro Dominguez se tomó un par de fotos (adorables) con Ander Herrera y Javi (♥)… O sea, ¡mira esa sonrisota!

Fifth. La Rojita arrived in Denmark earlier today after a very long trip that began with a bus ride from Las Rozas to the Madrid-Barajas Airport… They then caught a flight from Madrid to Copenhagen, where they had a three hour layover… This was then followed  by a flight to Aarhus… Once in Aarhus, they hopped on a bus for an hour and a half ride to the sports facilities of local club, Silkeborg Boldklub, where they will be preparing for the tournament…

Juan Mata tweeted: “Madrid, Copenhagen, Aarhus, and finally Silkeborg… We’re in Denmark. I’m going to watch a movie and rest, because we have a double training session tomorrow… Hugs!”

Quinto. La Rojita llegó a Dinamarca después de un viaje muy largo que empezó con un viaje por autobús desde Las Rozas hasta el aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas… Desde Madrid tomaron un vuelo hasta Copenhague, donde tuvieron que esperar tres horas para su siguiente vuelo a Aarhus… Cuando llegaron a Aarhus, han necesitado hacer un trayecto en autobús de una hora y media hasta las instalaciones deportivas del club local, Silkeborg Boldklub, donde la La Rojita se preparará este Europeo de Dinamarca…

Here is a picture of Javi (♥) and the rest of La Rojita on their way to Denmark… check out Javi’s sexy pose/pout…

Vean esta foto de Javi (♥) y el resto de los de La Rojita rumbo a Dinamarca… ¿Y esa pose, Morritos?

Source: RFEF

I loved Muniain’s tweet regarding the long trip: “And now an hour and a half bus ride!!! What is thisssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!?????? What a trippp!! Hahahahah zzzzzzzzzz”

Me encantó este tweet de Muniain:


*Here are highlights from his interview with the RFEF:

This European Championship is very important as there are still three spots in contention for the Olympics.

Yes, but also because of the bad experience we had in Sweden two years ago. I think it’s a nice tournament where we can all showcase our talent and we are eager to do well.

As team captain, how do you feel after the friendly against Russia?

The team is very united and that’s key.  The atmosphere is fantastic and we are all ready to start the championship.

The friendly against the Russian national team was important for those who had been injured to enjoy a few minutes of play. Did that help bring the team together?

El míster has relied on Montoya and Azpilicueta despite their injuries. We need to support them, as it is not easy to come back after being injured for so l0ng.

Good football was played in the first part of the friendly against Russia.  What do you take away from that game?

I think that game will help us at the European Championship.  We started out playing very well, and as usual, after many changes, the team was a bit disorganized.  However, I think that this is normal and we will be prepared in the future.

Your group rivals are the Czech Republic, England, and Ukraine: a tough group but one that you will face confidently.

Yes, it’s a difficult group, but we are Spain and I think that they are also worried about playing against us.  We need to show them that we are a great team and to return with a spot in the Olympics.


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