A spoonful of La Rojita…

La Rojita did not disappoint yesterday, beating the Czech Republic 2-0 in their second game of the group stages*…

El primer partido del Europeo quedo en olvido, después de que la Selección española se impuso 2-0 ante la Republica Checa*…


*More on that later! //¡Paciencia, que eso está por venir!

For starters. La Rojita had their official UEFA individual and group photo shoot late last week, which included a whole lot of joking around, hugging, and trying to make each other laugh…

Para empezar. La sesión fotográfica oficial de la UEFA para el Europeo tomó lugar la semana pasada.  Los jugadores posaron como equipo e individualmente, lo cual incluyó bastante jodedera entre los muchachos…

I can just imagine Javi’s (♥) inner monologue in the following screen shot: “Popped collar or no?”

Me puedo imaginar lo que esta pensando Javi (♥): “¿Me subo el cuello o no?”

On to the hugs and the jokes…

Ahora a los abrazos y las bromas…

And of course, here’s my favorite (for obvious reasons):

Y, por supuesto, aquí esta mi parte favorita (obviamente):

Check out the video below // Aquí esta el vídeo de la sesión de fotos:

Second. Yesterday, Cuatro gave us a glimpse of el capitán, Javi (♥), in their latest interview

Segundo. Cuatro ha sometido a nuestro capitán, Javi (♥), a su test

A movie. The Notebook.

A favorite dish. My mom’s Cuban-style rice.

A city. Ayegui.

An idol. An idol? Bufff… (Throws his head back to think) My brother, first of all, because I used to watch him play when I was little and I wanted to be just like him. And, uh, then on a more professional level, Zidane.

A virtue. I don’t know… (laughs)… Ufff… I prefer others tell me, I don’t know.

A defect. I get pissed off when I lose at Play* (laughs).

A dream. A dream? To win a title with Athleti.

 Third. Iker Muniain tweeted: “Here’s our new look! What do you think??? Hahaha @D_DeGea, @IkerMuniain27″… Ah-dorable.

Tercero. Iker Muniain colgó una fotito adorable con David De Gea y su nuevo look:

Fourth. Javi (♥) had a busy day yesterday, not only did he give a short interview with Cuatro, but he gave another interview to Punto Pelota along with his La Rojita teammate Rúben Pérez…

Cuarto. Parece que lo tuvieron ocupadito a Javi (♥), ya que no solamente dio un test a Cuatro, sino que también tuvo otro test con Punto Pelota con su compañero Rúben Pérez…

Do you dare take Punto Pelota’s test?

Rúben Pérez: Hmm… Let’s give it a try.

Javi Martínez (♥): Uff, how scary!

Full name.

RP: Rúben Salvador Pérez del Marmol.

JM (♥): Javier Martínez Aguinaga.


RP: Chumbo… Um, I think my brother gave it to me and it kind of stuck.

JM (♥): I have many… Turutal, because that’s what they call my father and uncle in my hometown.


RP: 22

JM (♥): 22

Best memory.

RP: When I signed with Athleti – I was 15.

JM (♥): The World Cup.

Worst memory.

RP: The relegation.

JM (♥): My first year in Athleti was very difficult, we were saved from relegation during the last match.

Your idol.

RP: I have a lot… I really like Guardiola, Xavi, and Sergio Ramos… I really like them.

JM (♥): First of all, my brother, because I always wanted to be like him when I was growing up… and on the professional side, Zidane.  Do you still want to be like your brother? As a person, yes… But as a footballer, he got to the second division and I got to the first division… (smiles)

A dream come true.

RP: Playing in the first division.

JM (♥): Playing in the first division.

A dream you want to achieve.

RP: To be the European U-21 champions.

JM (♥): To win a title in Bilbao.

If you weren’t a footballer.

RP: A teacher, probably… physical education.

JM (♥): Singer** (laughs)… No, I don’t know… I would probably be studying.

Favorite music.

RP: Flamenco.

JM (♥): El Canto del Loco. Song? Si Pudiera Tenerte”

The “character” of the team.

RP: (Laughs) I don’t know… maybe, Adrián or Capel…

JM (♥): Iker (laughs)

Favorite food.

RP: My mother’s pasta.

JM (♥): My mother’s Cuban-style rice.

A movie.

RP: Bordertown.

JM (♥): The Notebook. Why are you laughing?***

Punto Pelota.

RP: They shouldn’t talk about Madrid that much. (giggles)

JM (♥): Punto Pelota? Irene (the Punto Pelota interviewer). (Laughs that ah-dorable laugh of his).

Fifth. The boys had a day of rest today, which included a morning at the spa and then a bit of bowling…

Quinto. Los muchachos tuvieron un día de descanso que empezó con el spa en la mañana y luego jugaron a los bolos…

I love how seriously they take the game… Take David De Gea, for instance: “Hiiii!! An afternoon bowling with a win over Thiago and Bojan in a very intense game… My teammate, the unbeatable Iker”

Me encanta lo serio que es un juego de bolos…

A special thanks to the RFEF for this picture!

Look at that intensity…

Que intensidad, pol diox…

Here’s a quick video of all the bowling action, courtesy of the RFEF.

Aquí esta el vídeo del juego de los bolos, gracias al RFEF:


*Proof that Javi (♥) doesn’t like to lose? Check out Ander’s tweet: “Relaxing afternoon at the bowling alley! I have to say that @Javi24kikiteam doesn’t accept defeat! Hahaha”

Parece que Javi (♥) no solo se pica cuando pierde al play, sino también cuando juega a los bolos:

**Let’s see those music skills, Javi (♥), don’t leave a girl hanging! // No nos dejes guindando, Javi (♥), ¡cántanos una canción!

***Have I mentioned how ah-dorable Javi (♥) is? // ¡Javi (♥) es tan lindo, que me lo quiero comer!


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