Raúl Albiol for GQ

Raúl Albiol and his wife, Alicia, are featured in the July-August edition of GQ Spain. In the making of video, Raúl talks about marriage, Real Madrid, and winning the World Cup…

Raúl Albiol y su esposa, Alicia, en la revista GQ España de Julio/Agosto. En el vídeo, Raúl habla sobre el matrimonio, el Real Madrid, y la Copa Mundial…

We’ve been living together a long time – we have two daughters – so the only change is the ring on my finger! [smiles]

The Real Madrid locker room has always been talked about, but you need to live in it to realize that it’s just a normal locker room, with normal guys that go there to work hard, to help out, and to reach their goals.

And Mourinho?

He would die for his players. That’s very important to a player, to have someone who defends the group is fundamental. And I hope he continues in Real Madrid for many years to come.

And Cristiano?

He goes to work, he respects his teammates, and therefore we have no problems with him and are very happy to have him on the team.  We hear everything that is said about him, but we know he’s a normal guy, and he cares about the team.

You never stop appreciating what it is to win a World Cup… I think that when we retire, in many years, we’ll realize the importance of what we achieved.

Footballers are now on television and magazines, so I have to take care of myself and surround myself with people that keep me grounded.


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