Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo II

Narrator: On June 16, Spain began their journey at the World Cup in South Africa.

Álvaro Arbeloa: Fifteen minutes into the game, I said to Arbiol: “Raúl, we’re going to win the World Cup… I mean, we’re playing so well, that if we keep this up, no one is going to be able to beat us.”

Iker Casillas: I think that game is summed up in that one play. It was bad luck: I hit it, he got the rebound, it hits Piqué, the ball stopped…

Óscar Celada: I go out onto the pitch and he tells me, “I felt a really strange sensation on my hamstring.” And I said, madre mía, madre mía, well, then let’s sub you out.

Andrés Iniesta: I injured myself more than I had thought.

Juan Mata: Immediately after the game, the important players, the captains, started to try to cheer everyone up, telling us that we could still win the rest of the games.

Fernando Torres: I remember Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa…

AA: I think I went one by one trying to raise morale and saying, “Chicos, it’s ok, stay calm, because we’ve played phenomenally.”

FT: That serenity, that sense of confidence even after having lost, it raised our spirits, including those of Vicente, who had that silence about him, along with the rest of us.

Luis Aragonés: In the first few games, you need to go out at 110% from the very beginning. And today, in my opinion, that’s not how they came out. They came out as though they were convinced that they would win easily. And in football, that doesn’t happen.

FT: I spoke to Xavi and Xabi and said, well, we need to read between the lines.With Luis, well, we know him and we need to read between the lines, we should listen to him. It’s not just anyone’s opinion, we should listen to him, we should listen to him carefully and try figure out what he means. We have worked with him for a long time that we know how to interpret what he says. And, I think, in a way, it helped us, it motivated us, that our coach asked more of us, demanded more of us… (correcting himself) our former coach.

Xavi Hernández: And that’s when Fernando Hierro really stepped up to help us. He gathered those of us who had been with the team the longest, the captains, and told us that he had no doubt that this team could do something great at the World Cup…

Xabi Alonso: … that we had such an amazing opportunity, with such a good group, and that for many of us, it was probably going to be an opportunity that we might not have again.

OC: The day after Switzerland… the day after the game with Switzerland, we all doubted everything… I even doubted the menus that I had changed.

Gerard Piqué: Whether you want them or not, the doubts start to creep in… and you start thinking: “what if we’re really not that good?”

Newspaper headline: “Spain’s defeat? Blame the girlfriend.”

IC: I’m not going to comment on my personal life, because it’s always misconstrued. I don’t always believe that I’m playing at my highest level, but the important thing is that I never once doubted myself.

XH: I spoke with Vicente, because we always talked a lot about football. We discussed what happened, but really, the only thing that happened was a huge football misfortune that can’t be explained.

FT: We didn’t know why we had lost. If you don’t know why you’ve lost and if you’d go back and do it again, you’d do everything the same? Well, that’s when you’re on the right path.

VDB: I think that was the most critical moment. We received a lot of news from Spain. As the coach, you have to know how to listen, but you also have to have a firm sense of judgment, and at that time, I think we were working with a solid style of play that we couldn’t just cast aside, as well as the players themselves.

N: Andrés Iniesta was definitely ruled out for the second game.

AI: I had a really difficult time between the game against Switzerland and the game against Honduras.

Raúl Martínez: In a sense, the ghosts of his past season began to haunt him.

AI: I met with a fenómeno named Raúl.

RM: And that’s when I reminded him of Fernando and I said to him, “Andrés, this is how it’s going to end.” And, I’m not sure why, but he got up from the couch, gave me a high-five, and said, “Venga, yes it is!”

AI: And I have to say, that it’s thanks to him that I played in the World Cup… well… that’s how I feel. The night before the game against Honduras, that day was key, because he pushed the right buttons.

RM: When you find the balance in many different body parts, for example, parts of the cranium, that are far from the injury site; parts of the thorax and even the visceral areas – when all the various parts are brought into alignment, then everything can start to function again.

AI: And I remember that I went to bed happy that night.

N: In the game against Honduras, del Bosque brought in Jesús Navas and Fernando Torres to replace Andrés Iniesta and David Silva.

Michael Robinson: We didn’t see Silva again.

VDB: Well, yes, yes, yes… He’s a player I appreciate greatly for his footballing abilities, because he’s very good…

David Silva: The coach told me that I should be playing more… and that he felt bad about it, but as I’ve said before, at times like that, you have to consider everyone, and put the group first.

VDB: And we sacrificed Silva… surely, it was too great of a sacrifice…

David Villa: I tried to get between the two players, then another player came forward, but I was already in a great position in front of the goal, and I was able to kick the ball hard as it was falling.

Carles Puyol: I left that game feeling… I left that game in a bad mood, because the team had broken…

RM: I don’t know, he took off his shirt, and threw it on the ground. He was furious.

CP: A single goal could have made it difficult for us to qualify, no? So that’s why I left a little bit angry.


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