Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo VI

Andrés Iniesta: I think the tunnel is the worst place to be in.

Gerard Piqué: You’re shaking… and you don’t even realize you’re walking…

AI: The tunnel is overwhelming… and from a distance, we could see the World Cup trophy…

Joan Capdevila: You’re like, madre mía, there it is! And we’re just one step away from touching it.

GP: You’re supposed to grab the hand of the kid assigned to you, and he ends up grabbing yours because you’re not reacting…

Sergio Busquets: They say that it’s bad luck to look at the Cup, but… I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it… I wanted it.

JC: I couldn’t believe I’m actually here right now – it’s impossible, really – a guy like me, playing in a World Cup final! The emotion makes you want to cry, and you have no idea why.

[Sergio’s header is saved. Then, Sergio’s shot is cleared]

Sergio Ramos: That’s the thorn on my side… Not just in the final, because I had occasions to score in practically every match, but hadn’t been able to make it happen.

[A Dutch player kicks the ball from his own half, which bounces very near Spain’s goal]

Iker Casillas: I thought to myself, if it had gone in, how bad would it have been? Because in a World Cup, conceding a goal in that way… We would have gone done in history for conceding an absolutely absurd goal.

[Several shots of the Spanish getting fouled repeatedly by the Dutch. Then, a shot of De Jong’s karate kick to Xabi’s chest]

Xabi Alonso: It was a huge shock to me, a complete surprise. I was thinking, “what just happened?!? Where did that come from?!?” It took me completely by surprise. Oof. What just happened? I felt my bones crunch all through my back and hips…

SB: You feel powerless, because you can’t do anything about it… that’s supposed to be the referee’s job…

Xabi Hernández: I spoke to Van Bommel about it, with Gio, to tell them, “hey, what are you doing? This isn’t how the Dutch play!”

Pepe Reina: No, it was obvious that this was a message that had come down from above. These players would never think to play like this unless someone had explicitly ordered them to do so.  And Van Bommel in particular… he had it in for Iniesta the entire game.

AI: I don’t know even know how to describe it… it wasn’t good. But what they did to me that day, well, I wasn’t expecting it.

PR: Iniesta got really mad and he even risked getting sent off.

AI: The truth is that I had just… I had just had it up to here, you know?

PR: [exhales] It was the 70th minute, maybe the 72nd

Iker Casillas: The 61st. [smiles]

[Sneijder threads a pass through to Robben who is clear on goal with only Iker defending the goal]

Gerard Piqué: At that moment, you are completely frozen, you’re completely petrified, until something happens, you know?

David Villa: I think it was the single longest moment I’ve had to suffer through on a football pitch…

Iker Casillas: I don’t know, a thousand things were going through my head, you know? Just hang on, just hang on…

GP: You’re just trying, trying to move your body to help Iker out, to stop the ball…

IC: I was already more than halfway to the ground… and, well, I got it with my foot…

[During the 82nd minute, Robben gets another great pass]

IC: That play felt even worse than the previous one, because it seemed that Puyi would get there, that Piqué would get there, but no, no, no…

Carles Puyol: I tried to make it as difficult for Robben as I could…

IC: I don’t know, Puyi stuck his foot out, and Robben somehow jumps over it, and…

CP: If he had chosen to go down, it would’ve been a foul and a straight red card.

IC: I think that, in the end, Robben wanted it so badly, and he lost his chance.

XH: I remember that Andrés moved into a more central position, and then toward the end, I remember Jesús Navas and Cesc coming on, and one of the Dutch players getting sent off… El Guaje had a clear chance… Cesc missed a good opportunity too; he and Villa were two-on-one against the goalie, but Cesc couldn’t make the pass, so he ended up taking the shot himself, and it was blocked by Stekelenburg. I remember telling the doctor during the halftime break in extra time that we were going to win this.

Óscar Celada: It was like… a calm descended over us. Because he had said it with such confidence…

PR: I was scared shitless. Honestly. I mean, I thought the match was going to go into penalties.

Toni Grande: And Vicente said to me, “start thinking about the penalties…”



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